Eco Burial & Cremation Caskets


We are proud to announce the launching of our very first fully eco-friendly biodegradable burial casket! With years of research and development finally paying off and thanks to the introduction of oxo-degradble plastic technology, we have the privilege to offer South Africa's very first truly green casket. wood dowels and hessian ties replace the conventional plastics previously used, and the new improved extra strong lid design makes our caskets fully functional for burial application. It takes vision and foresight to make a difference in ensuring we leave this earth in a better state than how we found it.

Advantages of the Biodegradable Flat Pack Casket

 -  100% Biodegradable.

 -  Oxo-degradable plastic liner installed.

 -  Natural rope and wood clips.

 -  Suitable for burial and cremations.

 -  Enclosed "box-style" lid makes casket presentable for funeral ceremonies.

 -  Flat Packed from Factory, helping you save storage space.

 -  Quick to assemble in just under 2 minute.


Our Naturals range boasts low emissions and is suitable for burial and cremation services, built to withstand a weight of more than 280 Kgs. Equipped with beautiful Manila rope handles, suspension pillow and recycled plastic liner. Available in : Original, Royal and Regal models.