Manufactured from FDA approved, responsibly source paper, our straws are marine degradable and fully compostable. With 100% food grade inks and materials used, our straws are both safe on you and the environment.


Plastic straws are one of the most common type of ocean rubbish, that makes its way into our oceans via rivers and storm drains. These plastic straws are easily ingested by marine life such as fish, seabirds, turtles and marine mammals. Did you know that it takes over 200 years for a plastic straw to breakdown? However they never quite fully disappear, instead, remain as small particles known as microplastics, which are consumed by zoo-plankton. 

Not only are these microplastic particles carcinogenic (cancer causing), but they also absorb harmful pollutants like chemicals and heavy metals. The effects of this makes its way up the food chain, to reach even the fish on our tables, which we eat! 


Ecosip paper straws come in either white or brown kraft. A standard size of 5mm diameter x 230mm length, or 6mm x 210mm length is available. Customized brand printed straws are available for large corporate customers.

Designed to be comfortable and fully functional, our paper straws hold their structure, do not collapse or give off any unpleasant after taste.