A practical & affordable, flat-packed, COVID-19 solution for SA funeral homes.

Get all the benefits of our super strong flat-pack coffin. Now with our NEW "enclosed lid design", making our coffins more air tight and more suitable for handling COVID-19 cases. Whether it be for cremation or burial, here are some of the benefits why undertakers are choosing our product:

    -  Economically priced
    -  Flat-packed, super light weight & easy to move.
    -  Easy to store large quantities without taking up storage space.
    -  Store 33 coffins in just over one SQM floor space.
    -  Easy to move flat-packs of three or 33 coffins palletised.
    -  Assemble and ready to use in under 2 minutes.
    -  A standard 100 micron plastic liner pre-installed.
    -  Specialised one-way clips  retaining a virtual air tight seal.
    -  Robust enclosed lid suitable for burial and cremation.

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