Ecologico caskets have been tested to meet all South African regulatory and funeral industry requirements. Well designed and meticulously engineered, our products are built to withstand all conditions of the South African Funeral Industry.   

 We utilise only premium export quality sustainably sourced South African manufactured corrugated fiber board. All strength tests supersede the standards required for corrugated fiber board caskets, and pre-combustion trials (ensuring the caskets don’t burn prematurely while being placed into the cremation chambers), have also been independently tested and approved by Crematoriums across South Africa.

You can be assured that every Ecologico coffin is manufactured to the highest standards available in the industry. We pride ourselves in what we call  "over engineered design", simply put - our coffins are too strong for what they are purposed for, ensuring not only our integrity as a brand but also demonstrating responsibility for the cardboard coffin industry as a whole.



*    240kg weight strength test 

*    Water resistance test

*    Combustion rate trial

*    Handle suspension test

*.  Certified Emissions test

*    The SABS Corrugated 

       Fibre Board Coffin Test.     

       (see SABS 456 of CKS 440)


Ecologico have pioneered and established their cardboard coffin brand throughout South Africa and are suppliers to many large funeral franchises and a host of private companies across the country. 

To have broken and still breaking the mindset of what has been one of the most conservative industries in the country todate (and rightfully so, I might add), required zero room for error, a flawless product and a determination that took over 2 years to perfect before we even launched our first product .

We were initially on the back foot, because of previous failed attempts that left funeral owners apprehensive to even the idea. But with God given determination and help from open minded leaders in the funeral industry, vision was birthed to make cardboard eco-coffins not only a legitimate voice but a competitive and financially viable solution for the SA market. 

* View our very first test carried out in the first year during product development, At exactly 270Kgs we ran out of sand bags and once we emptied the casket and allowed it to dry (using the SABS standards required), the following day we put a 150Kg man and tried to see if there were any defects. The results were astounding!


Product Development milestones:

* Cross-section laminate engineering

* Fold strength engineering

* The "cradle system" design

* Dual-wall support design

* 240Kg weight carrying capability.

* Built-in pillow suspension system

* Original aesthetic lid design

* Pre-assembled "flat-pack" design

* Self-locking clip implementation.

* Alternative Stackable enclosed lid


We at Ecologico would like to politely notify the funeral Directors of South Africa, that you insist on Ecologico, eco friendly, cardboard cremation caskets. 

Do not put your company at risk of potential law suits, due to collapsing or malfunctioning inferior products. It only takes one failure to jeopardise the entire cardboard coffin industry, something Ecologico has invested many years to legitimise in South Africa. Insist on Ecologico - the trusted brand, leading the cardboard coffin industry in South Africa.

The team at Ecologico have done their homework, tried & tested, they have the necessary structures in place to maintain this excellent standard in a responsible and sustainable way. 

With us you can be assured that we have one of the cheapest solutions on the market, and our coffins come with one valuable added benefit, you the clients perfect peace of mind.


Both municipal & private crematoriums are seeing the benefits our products have to offer, aiding their bottom line. Crematoriums and funeral directors across South Africa are now not only managing to leave a significantly lighter carbon footprint but are saving money while doing so. By how much? We are currently undergoing an evaluation as to just how much transportation fuel we are saving undertakers and coffin distributors across the country with our ultra light and compact Flat-Pack cardboard coffins, that only weigh 6 kilograms each!  Compared to 30 kilograms for an equivalent empty chip board coffin. 

With regards to saving time?  Our average time saved per coffin cremated is up to a whopping  23% - 50%   As a result, municipalities and crematoriums across the country are able to do more cremations per day. In addition to this, the ashes left over after a cremation with our coffins contains NO charcoal, NO nails, screws or staples. This equates to faster cooling, reduced handing and processing time by crematorium staff.



•. Are biodegradable & compostable.


•.Save up to 60% combustion fuel during the cremation     process, as opposed to conventional chipboard & solid wood coffins.


•.Contain no toxic adhesives that release formaldehyde into the environment as opposed to conventional chipboard coffins.


•..Release up to 80% less carbon emissions during the cremation process than that of conventional chipboard & solid wood coffins. 


•.Use materials that are responsibly farmed from reputable sources that adhere to sustainable forestry management


•.Contain 70% less wood fiber than conventional coffins, saving trees.


With up to 80% less Particulate Matter emissions than and equivalent chipboard coffin, Ecologico coffins offer a viable solution to many crematoriums which are facing a lot of pressure from their respective municipalities to reduce emissions not to mention the benefit the neighboring residential areas will have who complain about pollutants crematoriums give off. We are assisting these crematoriums who were about to face heavy emission charges, and we are happy to report that they are delighted at the solution on offer. While initially using our products as a scapegoat to avoid emission penalties, it has dawned on them that using our coffins actually makes sense, and they now have peace of mind while saving money at the same time.
Our coffins are literally "leaving a lighter footprint" in and around local communities. Is it not time you re-evaluated your contribution towards a greener South Africa.


We put our coffin up against the most eco-friendly, non-laminated & rope handled chipboard counterpart. This is important to note, as comparative emission results would increase dramatically if we had used a more conventional typed laminated chipboard coffin, but our aim was to be as fair as possible and to give the chipboard coffin the benefit of the doubt. Tests were done with corpses earlier in the year, but we wanted to take it a step further and silence any critics by eliminating any irregularities and any possible external factors. We compared apples with apples, ensuring we get the most accurate real life comparison possible. So under identical scenarios at a consistent set temperature, we had an independent emissions testing company test 3 x 2 of each type of coffin. Results? An overwhelming win for our coffins with the following statistics achieved!.   (Result tests above)


We are proud to announce that our corrugated fibre board is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and adheres to international environmental law for sustainable sourcing of all our corrugated fibre board. Sustainability is what we are all about, we do business with the future generation in mind, be part of the foward thinking movement and insist on Ecologico products in your local community.